Owais Lone

Vancouver, Canada

I’ve been working in the tech industry professionally for more than a decade and have worn multiple hats while doing so. I’ve helped co-found startups, served as a CTO at one, assembled and lead some great engineering teams, worked big corps and participated in and maintained a number of open-source projects including OpenCensus and OpenTelemetry among other things.


Work History

Principal Software Engineer at Splunk

Vancouver, Canada

2022-05 - Present | https://splunk.com

I joined the infrastructure team to build an internal cloud platform for Splunk’s Observability Cloud products. My current goals include automating tasks related to the infrastructure/platform, guide/mentor junior and new engineers on the team and build self-service internal cloud platform for the rest of the company to use.

Senior Software Engineer at Splunk

Vancouver, Canada

2022-04 - 2022-04 | https://splunk.com

Senior Software Engineer at Splunk

2019-09 - 2022-03 | https://splunk.com

I worked on the OpenTelemetry project to help companies collect and forward their telemetry data to a vendor of their choice. I inherited close to a dozen open-source projects owned by SignalFx and maintained them for almost a year significantly improving the quality and available features in the process. I became a maintainer for the OpenTelemetry Python project and helped lead the project to it’s first stable release. I also helped Splunk build and release open-source observability SDKs built on top of OpenTelemetry. I was also responsible for drafting our security policy for open-source projects written and maintained at Splunk.

Senior Software Engineer at Omnition

2018-07 - 2019-08 | https://omnition.io

I was responsible for building and operating Omnition’s data ingress services which ingested multi-million data points per second from our customers. I also built the authentication system which was used by both Omnition’s APIs and customers. In addition to this, I also contributed to the OpenCensus and other related projects that made helped Omnition customer gather observability data from their environments.

Staff Engineer at Ezhome (now Ergeon)

2016-07 - 2018-05 | https://www.ergeon.com

Lead multiple engineering teams at ezhome. In charge of the architecture of software systems and cloud infrastructure. The teams build and managed all cloud infrastructure and platform the rest of the company built on top of and all internal apps used by ezhome backoffice and ground staff. We also built sophisticated scheduling systems used to automatically plan and optimize work schedule for our ground staff.

Senior Software Engineer at Ezhome (now Ergeon)

2015-07 - 2016-05 | https://www.ergeon.com

Full-stack engineer and team lead at ezhome. Lead the platform and internal applications teams.

CTO and co-founder at Vetted (now Certa)

2012-11 - 2015-07 | https://www.getcerta.com | https://www.thevetted.com

Lead engineering at Vetted from 2012 to 2015. Formed a great engineering team and helped shape the culture at Vetted. Designed a multi-tenant SaaS system uses by a number fortune 500 companies.

CTO and co-founder at Seesr

2012-03 - 2012-07

Worked on a product that helped identify and tag objects in videos targetting e-commerce and marketting space.

Fullstack engineer at Upwork Inc

2011-08 - 2012-07 | https://www.upwork.com/enterprise

Worker at Upwork (then oDesk) on enterprise services team.

Worked on an enterprise application for Krome Photos (http://kromephotos.com), and tools for companies like Ebay and Google.

Senior Software engineer at Kolahoi Technologies (an iKraftSoft company)

2010-10 - 2011-07 | http://kolahoi.com

Worked as a Python/Django developer at Kolahoi Technologies.

Software Engineer at iKraftSoft Ltd

2008-10 - 2010-09 | http://ikraftsoft.com

Worked as a Python/Django developer at iKraft Software.

Freelance Contracts


I’ve also done some freelance contracts on oDesk itself before they hired me to work on their enterprise applications.

Technical Experience

I see myself as a generalist and like ot use the right tool for the right job and come up to speed with unfamiliar tech quite fast. That said, below are some of the technologies I’ve most professional experience with.

Python, Django, Go, Javascript/Typescript, Node, React(native), Flutter/Dart, Relational databases, (Postgresql, etc), Document stores (DynamoDB, Firebase, Redis, etc), Serverless/Lambda stuff, Containers/Docker, AWS, Google Cloud/Firebase, Gtk, etc.

Open Source

I’m an active member of the OpenTelemetry, OpenCensus, Ubuntu and Django open source communities. Apart from that, I’ve authored the following open source applications:

Django webpack loader helps integrate Javascript build systems with Django and is one of the most popular Django libraries out there.

Fogger was built in just a week and won silver in the very first Ubuntu App Showdown contest.



As a boy scout, I was awarded the Rajya Puraskar (Governor’s award) in 2004. Rajya Puraskar is the 2nd highest award a boy scout can receive in India.